Why Music Lessons?

Music is an important part of culture, and of each person’s day-to-day life. Music is everywhere – school, home, religious institutions, the grocery store, shopping malls… the list goes on! Music lessons give individuals the ability to understand the music going on around them, and make music more accessible. Music lessons aren’t just for “‘smart’ people who already understand music, or ‘rich’ people who can afford lessons. Music lessons are for everyone because music is for everyone.

To parents of young students: you might have heard that music “makes kids smarter”, and that is why you are interested in enrolling your student in music lessons. To that, I say, yes, music lessons support and encourage learning and growth, but I would argue that they don’t inherently make your student smarter by improving their math grade. Music lessons teach skills that support other academic skills, such as reading, math, history, etc., but music teaches skills beyond academic support. Music teaches students about creativity, discipline, responsibility, time-management, goal-setting, and communication. Music gives students the opportunity to express themselves in a way that is unique and melodic, and that can go beyond the expression of words. Music provides all students with opportunities for learning, growth, and exploration that other activities cannot – and on top of it all, music is fun!

For a more comprehensive list of ways music lessons are beneficial, follow the link to an article on the National Association for Music Education’s website: nafme.org