Back-to-School Boot Camp

Are you a beginner who needs a boost to learn flute fundamentals? Or are you a returning student who took some time off this summer, and need help getting back into the groove?

Back-to-School Boot Camp is designed to deliver concentrated help to students who need it right away, but are unsure about committing to private lessons for the semester.

Beginner Boot Camp is designed to help new flute students develop a strong understanding of tone, posture, and technique fundamentals.

Refresher Boot Camp is designed for returning flute students who need a little help developing new correct habits for fundamentals, or catching up on missed practice time over the summer. The curriculum focus will be on: tone production, scales, rhythmic identification, and practice techniques. Additional topics could include: piccolo practice, tuning exercises, memorization practice, or advanced technical practice.

Both boot camps come in different packages (below). Sessions are scheduled based on the student’s schedule and the teacher’s availability, between August 5th and September 16th. If multiple students enroll in a joint Boot Camp, a discount of $15 will be applied to each student’s total tuition. Use the Form below to reserve a Boot Camp package, and schedule dates/location.

Three, 45 minute sessions$110
Four, 45 minute sessions$125
Five, 45 minute sessions$140